by Katie


Ever get frustrated scrolling through a website for a recipe to only be bombarded by ads and popups?  Sometimes we just want a recipe and a few suggestions for substitutions. Well, have no fear, Nourish Collective RDN has your back!

Simply put, Nourish Collective RDN is dedicated to providing delicious recipes without the background noise – well maybe a few tips, tricks, and thoughts here and there.  Fresh, wholesome, and real food are the main ingredients in all the recipes providing great balance and variety to all.

To nourish, starts with self-care. How are you caring for yourself?



I’m Katie Salmon, the face behind Nourish Collective RDN. Nourishing my body wasn’t always the easiest feat. Growing up in a time when food allergies were only starting to be understood and may contain…made in a facility where… was not a requirement yet, I had to figure out a way to thrive within restrictions (of course with family support). Prepared meal items were not an option being allergic to dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, beans, and legumes. The kitchen quickly became a fun space for creativity and innovative results.

Fast forward to today, as a Registered Dietitian, I am able to connect with and support the greater community that has had a similar struggles. However, my passion does not stop at food allergies. I love to provide individualized resources to patients and clients, alike, that support their nutrition-related endeavors.

My ultimate goal is to provide you with an encyclopedia of delicious and colorful recipes to bring to your home.